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Gourmet Farmer Deli Book
$ 50.00

This is a book about food as it used to taste, based on the stuff you'll find in a deli that you can make yourself.

Why would you make your own sausages, cure your own ham, pickle your own fish or preserve your own vegetables? It’s quite simple, really: because it tastes better. 

This book has a two-fold approach. Firstly it celebrates the artisan process in making items you’d typically find in your local deli – from cheese and cream to cured and smoked meats to pickled fish and vegetables. 

Secondly it provides simple, delicious recipes where those ingredients (which you can buy from your local deli, if you don’t want to make them yourself) are the stars of simple, rustic, flavoursome dishes. This beautifully photographed book celebrates the way we used to cook and food how it used to taste. 

Translated into French and German, it's been very popular with those wanting to make their own. All the books are signed by Matthew. Please let us know if you'd like them personalised in the "Note to seller" section of the payment screen.